Off The Bone BBQ

When you ask Petey Marshall how he became so passionate about creating award-winning Barbecue, BBQ Rubs, and his own Barbecue “Secret Sauces,” you’ll quickly understand it was, without a doubt, in his DNA to become one of the country’s best BBQ Entrepreneurs. At 26, he’s been winning Barbecue contests all over the country for the past 7 years.

With 3 Flavors of BBQ Rubs and 4 Flavors of “Secret Sauces,” Petey also intends to grow those flavors to what he hopes to be another half-dozen or more among both categories. He draws an analogy to his life as it relates to his famous Barbecue. Petey so eloquently stated: “To explain my life in BBQ terms, it’s not among the classics like hot dogs or apple pie, but instead, in a league all its own.”

Pig Tails BBQ

After starting out working for my parents with their BBQ team, my wife and I branched out on our own.  We created Pigtails back in 2008 and we have a combined 30 years of experience.  We started out doing small festivals and crafts shows.  We still do these shows, but now we have added some rib festivals.  The competition and awards are great, but the compliments from customers is what we are really after.  Our specialty is ribs, pulled pork and chicken.  We have our own blend of seasoning and award winning sauce to enhance the flavors of the meat. 

After Hours BBQ

Once Upon a Hot Summer day in 2013, two local guys, experimenting with cooking during the After Hours of their day jobs, took on the challenge of barbecuing after much encouragement from family and friends. With courageous enthusiasm they put their barbecuing skills to the test at Orrville’s 2013 rib fest. After winning both Judge’s and People’s Choice their journey was only beginning. They decided that in 2014 they wanted to try their hands at more rib festivals, and some outside their local area. So far they feel as though they have been a success and it is all due to the wonderful support of the people who continue to come out and eat their home cooked food. They are thankful for all the support, beginning with their wives at home to the people who come back asking for more.

Big Pappy’s BBQ

Whether from Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, or the Carolina’s, our southern style BBQ is the sweetest and most sultry taste around. Complete with all the fixins, our southern comfort food is sure to satisfy any appetite. Our recipes come from strong roots in the south and its tradition of BBQ and soul food. Bring the whole family and experience our down home cookin for yourself. You’ll never forget your first time! You’ll be back for more.